Green World: Tended MS Elva R Elliott

ISBN: 9781484865187

Published: May 4th 2013


810 pages


Green World: Tended  by  MS Elva R Elliott

Green World: Tended by MS Elva R Elliott
May 4th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 810 pages | ISBN: 9781484865187 | 6.26 Mb

Book 2 Green World is growing . . . . The rescued populations of the other seeded planets are thriving and the colonists are adjusting to exposure to new languages and customs. Internal conflicts are inevitable, but the Green World Council keeps their mutual goal of preparing against Earths arrival.

The Wyler family has the added burden of being viewed as mutants because of the childrens intelligence and kinetic powers. Life goes on as the survivors adapt to new rules and neighbors. Men like the Field Husbands, known for their large size and vicious natures, draw names of women who would take a chance at a family and land with them. The Kyreilian women are easy targets for their male relatives and the rest of the planet after their husbands make a stupid mistake.

Earth is also going through changes as the selected Echelon and military men prepare to flee the planet when the last citadel is in danger. Adapting is something the Echelon of Earth dont do well. They are heading to Green World because a whole animal indigenous to the planet was found among food dropped off for the starving Labors outside the city- both worlds are in turmoil and if they survive, who will rule?

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