Marna Norah Hess


Published: February 1st 2006

Kindle Edition

310 pages


Marna  by  Norah Hess

Marna by Norah Hess
February 1st 2006 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 310 pages | ISBN: | 10.80 Mb

Heroine: Marna – a 15yr old woods girl, keeps her face dirty to hide her beautyHero: Matt – a 35yr old trapper (yeah, that’s right – a 20 year age difference!), raised by his grandfatherVillain: Cole – a creepy fellow trapper who makes a couple of unsuccessful attempts to rape MarnaPlot: Lecherous grandpa wants to sell Marna’s body to his friends, so grandma arranges a shot-gun wedding between Marna and Matt, the trapper whose life Marna saved from a snake bite.

Grandma tells Marna to continue keeping her face dirty while married, so other men will not realize how beautiful she is and want to ravish her.SPOILER ALERTReview: This is not a good book, but worth reading because it is so deliciously trashy! This is the first book I’ve read where the hero is the one who is TSTL. Oh let me count the ways…1) He doesn’t consummate the marriage because of a little dirt on Marna’s face... because that makes her not as pretty as the other women hes bedded...

even though he admits to being attracted to her body. Matt - Ever heard of throwing a paperbag over it? Or how hard is it to ask the girl to wash her face? As a result, Matt does not stay in the cabin with Marna at night.2) The villain sneaks in the cabin, strips Marna naked, beats her unconscious, and nearly succeeds in raping her.

Obviously someone needs to protect this chick, but does our hero realize that? Of course not. The very next night, Matt leaves Marna alone again and she is nearly mauled to death by a mountain lion.3) Matt has the revelation that he “loves” her. So what do you do when the person you love is on their death bed from being mauled by a big cat (and let’s not forget this is just after having been beaten up and nearly raped the night before)?

Why not go to the whorehouse? Matt feels guilty that Marna does not have a nice bed to recover in, so he goes to the whorehouse and propositions the madam – if he can rock her world in bed, then she will literally give him her bed. Huh? Clearly Matt’s got some messed up priorities.4) He drops off the new bed for Marna and then leaves – no good-bye, no nothing. Two nights in a row your wife has been seriously molested and injured because you were not around and you think it is a good idea to leave town?5) Matt decides to come back and stops at the whorehouse again… this time to “bargain” for clothes for Marna.

Just what every wife wants – secondhand clothes from the slut her husband is banging. He even brings the madam back home with him!! But, before he even dismounts his horse, he happens to catch another man steal a kiss from Marna – furiously, he turns around and goes back to the whorehouse.6) Matt eventually comes back, gets jealous from the attention Marna is receiving from other men (one of which who is her father, but Matt doesn’t know that).

He assumes she is cheating, so he calls her a few choice words while attempting to rape her (but of course, she gives in and ends up liking it). The next morning as he is leaving camp again, he says to Marna’s father who is coming in for a visit: “She won’t do you any good for a while.

I rode the hell out of her all night.”And the list goes on, but I got tired of counting!This is a great book for those of us who enjoy a ridiculous, OTT romance. It seems like Norah Hess threw in any extra trashy detail she could come up with on each of the characters - many OTT facts that served no purpose towards advancing the plot, except to maybe demonstrate the sexual prowess of the male characters.

For example, there is a quite hilarious scene describing the hero loosing his virginity at the tender age of twelve (thanks to grandpop). I think what made the book most entertaining was the backwoods setting and characters that reminded me of the Clampetts before they ever made it to Beverly Hills.

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